To the attention of the teachers of AMU!

Rules for the rating evaluation of the teaching staff of Azerbaijan Medical University


In accordance with the requirements of paragraph 4 of the Declaration on the "Quality Assurance System of Education" in Azerbaijan Medical University, the professional activity of the teaching staff is assessed by rating points. In addition to other items of the rating, the results of the teacher's assessment of professional performance are also included.


According to the decision of the Council, from 2018/2019 academic year a rating table should be added to the list of documents of teachers to be selected through the competition. The table is posted on the official website of the university.


The teacher, wishing to participate in the contest, must download the rating table from the site, print and submit it to the Scientific Secretariat, filling it in and adding the supporting documents.


The rating evaluation table is submitted to the relevant commission by the Scientific Secretariat. The questioning of the evaluation of the professional activity of the teacher by students is carried out by the Commission, and the results of the evaluation are added to the teacher rating table.


The commission studies the rating points of the teacher and presents the final result to the Scientific Secretariat. Persons, who score below the minimum score in the rating table, are not allowed to participate in the competition.

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