Rules of Admission


(2012/ 2032 academic years)

The State Students Admission Commission (SSAC) implements a centralized method of admission to the residency by testing for the training of doctors for the 2012-2013 academic years in the Republic of Azerbaijan in accordance with the following rules:



1. The persons with a basic medical education are eligible to enter residency. Education in residency is carried out at the expense of the state budget and on a paid basis;

 Foreigners and persons without citizenship of the Azerbaijan Republic in accordance with international treaties, to which the Republic of Azerbaijan is a party, cannot enter the residence on the basis of a state order, unless otherwise stipulated by current legislation and intergovernmental agreements.

2. The doctor s admission to the residency is conducted according to the specialties based on the higher medical education (correspondingly to the completed faculty)

3. Doctors in order to participate in the entrance examinations, must fill out the "online application of the doctor" posted on the official website of the SSAC (TQDK), and confirming it with the following documents, personally submit it to the commission for receiving documents;

- Original of the identity document

-National identity card

-Foreigners and persons without citizenship must submit their national passport or registration certificate in the Republic of Azerbaijan

- Document on basic higher medical education

- The original diploma of higher education for those who graduated from higher education institutions of the Republic of Azerbaijan in previous years; a specialty code issued by a higher educational institution, they graduate from; the average score of grades (5 or 100 grades), the year of admission to higher educational institute, and number of the applicant's statement in a certain form (form 60-2 m);

-Persons, who have received higher education in foreign countries, must provide "a certificate of recognition and equivalence of specialty in higher education of foreign countries".

Doctors, who have received higher education in foreign countries and who are qualified after receiving a diploma, must submit a "Certificate of Medical and Pharmaceutical Activity" issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Foreigners and stateless persons, wishing to enter the residency, must personally fill in the "online application of the doctor" in the commission for the receipt of documents created by the SSAC and, together with the above mentioned documents, translate them into the Azerbaijani language and notarize, thereby confirming the application.



Qualification selection for admission to the residency is conducted after the announcement of the results of the entrance examination. In order to take part in the choice of a specialty, the grade obtained at the doctor's entrance examination must meet the requirements, established by the SSAC.

The doctor selects a specialty in accordance with the direction of the main higher medical education, sends the corresponding electronic application form on the Internet page in the required sequence and confirms the choice of the specialty within a certain period of time.

The sequence indicated in the application for the chosen specialty is considered as a legal basis during the competition and the doctor according to the obtained grades, is transferred to the first specialty.

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