New textbook “Children s diseases” of AMU professors published

A new textbook “Children s diseases” has been published by teachers of Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU). The authors of the book are Head of the Department of II Children s Diseases Professor Amalia Ayyubova, Professors of the Department Gusein Gabulov and Naila Sultanova.


According to Professor Amalia Ayyubova, the textbook was prepared for teaching at the Preventive medicine faculty of AMU and publishing a textbook on this topic was of great importance, as over time there hadbeen changes in the curriculum of the faculty: “We published textbooks before this book. But those books were more useful for pediatricians. Since the curriculum of the faculty is changing, and the students of this faculty are not as thoroughly informed about any diseases as pediatricians. Therefore, we decided to write a textbook in a completely different way in a short time. ”


According to A. Ayyubova, the book was completed in two and a half years. As a result of the joint efforts of the three professors, a textbook of 567 pages was prepared. This book is designed for 3 courses, the materials are presented in a compact form for students of relevant faculties.

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