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December 1 - World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is celebrated annually on 1 December every year. The day was established to unite the countries of the world in the fight against this problem.


World AIDS Day was established in accordance with the decision of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the decision of the UN General Assembly, adopted in 1988. Many organizations run campaigns on this day.


According to the new report of the UN Program on HIV / AIDS program, by the end of June 2016, the number of people living with HIV in the world amounted to 36.7 million people. Of these, about 34.9 million people are adults; 1.8 million are children under 15 years old. The number of people, receiving antiretroviral therapy was 18.2 million, of which 910,000 were children. The report also notes that by 2020 it will be possible to provide 30 million people with HIV with antiretroviral therapy.


For the first time in our country, AIDS was identified and registered in 1987.HIV / AIDS are also an urgent problem in Azerbaijan under the control of the Ministry of Health. Azerbaijan is among the countries with the lowest HIV infection rates, and HIV infection is found mainly among high-risk groups of injecting drug users.

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