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Neurology was one of the clinical disciplines to develop first in Azerbaijan. Its history began in 1920 in the Department of Psychoneurology, established by the famous neurogenetic scientist academician S.N.Davidenkov (1880-1961) at the Medical School of Baku State University. The further development of neurology in Azerbaijanwas related with the Department of Neurology of the Azerbaijan State Medical Institute. Starting from the 1930s highly qualified neurologists were trained (M.M.Amosov, A.V.Feyzullayev, M.Melikov, C.B.Mustafayev, S.H.Akhundov, Q.Yakubova and others). The Department of Neurology has been the main clinical, scientific and training center of neurology in Azerbaijan since then.



In 1946-1948, prominent clinician and lecturer, Professor M.Malikov was the head of the department. In 1937, M. Malikov defended his doctoral dissertation entitled “Acute, subcutaneous and chronic poliomyelitis in adults.” He also conducted scientific researches on inflammatory diseases of the brain, the changes in the nervous system during malaria, degenerative diseases of the nervous system and traumatic lesions.



In 1949-1962, the head of the department was A.Feyzullayev, an excellent lecturer with creative thinking and great clinical experience. During this periodmain topics of research wereneuroinfections, vascular disorders of the CNS and treatment of nervous system diseases in health resort areas. He is the author of “The Archaic Foot during Pathological Processes in The Brain:Its Genesis and Localization,”“The Change of Central Vision Centers Related toOptic Nerve Injuries” and “Symptoms and Diagnosis of Cerebellum Tumors.” He also led the Neurology Department of the Scientific Research Institute of Physical Therapy in 1952-1957. In the 1960s, professor devoted himself to the training of the academic staff. Under his supervision2 doctoral dissertationsand 16 candidate dissertation were defended. Professor A.Feyzullayev was the chairman of the Scientific Society of Azerbaijan Neurologists and Psychiatrists in 1949-1962. A.Feyzullayev was awarded the degree of “Honored doctor” in 1940 and “Honored scientist” in 1960.



In 1963-1967, the department  was led by well-known clinician and teacher S.H.Akhundov, a scientist withkeen clinical observation ability. He worked intensively on problems of epilepsy and neuro-cancer. In 1952, he defended his doctoral thesis on “Surgery in the area of corpora quadrigeminaduring the treatment of hydrocephalus.” Under his leadership, two doctoral and several candidate dissertations were performed. He published the monograph entitled “Clinic, Diagnosis and Treatment of the Spinal Cord and Tumors of the Spinal Cord” in 1964 and “Clinic of tumors of the posterior cranial fossa” in 1965. He was the author of 65 scientific papers and 5 monographs.



From 1967 to 1989, the head of the Department of Neurology was the honored scientist, professor Z.M. Salayeva. In 1963, she defended her doctoral thesis entitled “Clinic and Pathomorphology of Hemorrhagic Encephalitis.” She was the author of 150 scientific articles, scientific works entitled “Encephalitis” and “Vascular Diseases of the Brain and Their Prevention,”the monograph “Hemorrhagic Encephalitis in Azerbaijan,” the textbook “Neurological Workshop.” Under her leadership 3 doctoral and 9 candidate dissertations were performed.

Professor Z.M. Salayevawas a member of the Presidium of the All-Union Scientific Society of Neurologists and Psychiatrists, one of the editors of the “Great Medical Soviet Encyclopedia,” a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Neuropathology and Psychiatry and of the Azerbaijan Soviet Encyclopedia, a member of the Terminology Department of the Azerbaijan Scientific Academy. Z.M. Salayeva was a member of the former USSR parliament (1966-1970). She was awarded with the medal “For Selfless Labor,”the badge “Honored Worker of Health” and “Honorable Decree” of the Azerbaijan Ministry of  Health.

It is necessary to note the scientific and pedagogical activity of the famous neurologist Y.Y. Yunusov (1927-1983). He went a long way in the department from the resident to the professor.

During same period years associate professors R.K. Shiraliyeva,  S.S. Imanova, E.A. Feyzullayev, Y.L. Qorbulev, F.M. Gozalova, Q.D. Mammedov, N.A. Quluzade, F.N. Mammedbekov were involved in scientific and pedagogical activity as well. Their research mainly involved various aspects of cerebral blood circulation, peripheral nervous system, neuro-muscular disorders, and multiple  sclerosis.


1969–1991 (Child neurology course and the second Department of Neurology)

Child neurology course was organized at the Azerbaijan Medical University in 1969 and transformed intothesecond Department of Neurology in 1975. Professor T.G. Gadirova was the founder of the department and child neurological service. She was awarded as honored scientist. Professor T.G. Gadirova defended her doctoral dissertation entitled “Pathology of nervous system in leukemia”in Leningrad in 1959. Her research was mainly devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with cerebral blood circulation. Professor T.G. Gadirova published over 150 scientific works, including many monographs (“Leukemia and Nervous System,” “History of Neurology in Azerbaijan,” “Epidemiology of Neuroinfections in Azerbaijan,” “Brain Hypoxia in Children,” “Hydrocephaly and Thymomegaly”). She is the author of “Child Nervous Diseases” and “Neurological Diseases” textbooks. Under the supervision of professor T.G. Gadirova 17 candidate dissertations were defended.



Since 1991,   the  I  and II Neurology and  Medical Genetic Departments  started its activity.

Since this  yearthe head of the Department of Neurology is a distinguished scientist Sh. I. Magalov.Sh.I. Magalov defended his doctoral thesis entitled “PhenotypicalPolymorphism and Epidemiology of Nervous and Neuromuscular Inherited Diseases” in 1987 at the second Moscow State Medical University. The scientific interest of the Professor Sh. I. Magalov is multifaceted and his scientific activity covers areas of neurogenetics, epilepsy and cerebrovascular diseases. The Department studied and fulfilled dissertation works on brain stroke, inherited-degenerative diseases of the nervous system, neurotrauma, neuroinfection. Sh.I.Magalov studied clinical, epidemiology, genetics, biochemistry and neurophysiology of hereditary diseases of nervous and neural-muscular systems in Azerbaijan. His scientific works described the unique families suffering from Huntington's disease, spinocerebellar ataxia and neural amyotrophy, rare forms and variants of other inherited diseases of the nervous system. ProfessorSh.I. Magalovhas collected information about more than 10,000 patients. His research on hereditary diseases of the nervous system had no analogues in the former USSR for its volume and depth. The materials were collected with great consistency. He showed the correlation between the hyperkinetic symptomsin Hantington's disease and the dopamine concentration and proposed hypothesis that the alleged pathogenetic mechanisms were related to the distortion of dopamine metabolism.

ProfessorSh.I.Magalov for the first time examined the relatives of patients with Huntington's chorea and spino-cerebellar anemia, proving that changes in electromyography and electromyography prevent the appearance of clinical manifestations of the disease.

Prof. Sh.I. Magalov pays special attention to the development of angioneurology in Azerbaijan. Under his supervision prevalence of stroke, its major risk factors, clinical manifestations, related biochemical changes, hemorrhagic transformation, and post-stroke disability (S.P. Alakbarova, U.T. Badalova, A.A. Musayeva) were studied and several PhD dissertations on these topics were defended.

In the 90s of the last century, there were many soldiers and civilians with CNS injuries after the war in Karabakh region of Azerbaijan. Many of them needed long lasting treatment. Prof. Sh.I.Magalov supervised the research of veteran of Karabakh war. “Posttraumatic stress syndrome” was studied (Pashayeva T.) and its special characteristics described (“Karabakh syndrome”).

Research on changes in the nervous system during different types of hepatitis was carried out (MammadovaT.Sh.).

In 1995 at  department the doctoral dissertation on the subject  "Diagnostics and pathogenetic mechanisms of multiple sclerosis" has been defended (R.K. Shiraliyeva).

Since 1991, Professor Z.M. Aliyev was the head of the second Department of Neurology. Z.M. Aliyev defended his doctoral dissertation entitled “Dynamics of Closed Skull-Brain Trauma Syndromes in Children” in Moscow in 1987.

In 1990-2010, the main research area of the department were different aspects of perinatal pathology. During this period 3 dissertations have been defended. The department published several manuals and more than 590 articles.

Professor Z. M. Aliyev and assistant professors M. Mammadova, R. Rzayev, A. Mammadbeyli, N.N. Abasova conducted scientific researches on various aspects of child neurology and published numerous articles.


2011- present

In 2011, the first and the second Departments of Neurology and Medical Genetics united and since that time Professor Sh.I.Magalovleads the department.

During last 20 years Professor Sh.I. Magalov’sresearch has been focused on epilepsy. For the first time in Azerbaijan epidemiology of epilepsy has been characterized and description of its different clinical forms was given; lifestyle and quality of life of epileptic patients and epilepsy in women were studied. Dissertations were defended under on abovementioned topics (Hasanov N.F., Xalilova D.M., MehtiyevaSh.N., Isayeva N.C., MelikovaSh.Y.). At the same time, the Department’s studies on the molecular-genetic aspects of hereditary nervous diseases (Huntington's disease, spinal cerebellar ataxias and Tomsenmyotonia) are continued.

Under supervision of Prof. Magalov 1 doctorate, 16 candidate dissertations were defended and now he supervises 6 Ph.D. dissertations. Now he is the supervisor of one doctoral (Salayev K.A.) and 4 (Chafarova G.R., Sultanova T.A., QuliyevaSh.Q., Samedova R.F.). He is the author of more than 245 scientific works, including the monograph on epilepsy. He is the president of the Azerbaijan Neurology Association and the president of the Azerbaijani Section of the International League Against Epilepsy.

In 2016, one doctoral thesis (Mamedbeyli A. K.) and in 2017 two Ph.D. (N.C. Isayeva, Sh.Y.Melikova) theses were completed at the Department of Neurology.

In 2017, the department organized scientific conferences on epilepsy in four regions of Azerbaijan (Qandja, Quba, Shaki and Lenkoran) and in Baku.

In 2017, there was a scientific conference dedicated to the 120thanniversary of Professor SurkhayAkhundov, the founder of neurosurgical service in Azerbaijan.

The training of young neurologists and epileptologists is one of the main goals of the department. In order to increase their experience, they actively participated in international conferences, bringing modern achievements into practice and conducting research in Azerbaijan. The 3rdCaucasian Summer Epilepsy School had been organized in Azerbaijan in 2001.

The department provides free assistance to the population twice a month are.

Since 2011, 15 students have completed a residency course in neurology and 7 students are currently pursuing it.

Our residents participated in conferences in Azerbaijan and in several foreign countries. They took part in the ATUREC conference and were awarded with diplomas.

Great attention is paid to diseases that are of great social significance (vascular diseases of the brain, epilepsy, neuroinfections, hereditary diseases of the nervous system, etc.). Over the years, numerous monographs, textbooks, doctoral and candidate dissertations, as well as hundreds of scientific works have been published on various issues of neurology.


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