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The history of higher pharmaceutical education in Azerbaijan dates back to 1938. This year the Azerbaijan State Pharmaceutical Institute was organized in Baku. After the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 some employees of the Institute were involved in the army, serious difficulties arose in the training process. In 1942 the Azerbaijan State Pharmaceutical Institute was liquidated, its base and students were transferred to the pharmaceutical faculty of the Azerbaijan State Medical Institute. In 1945, the faculty trained 220 students. Over the past years, 240 people with secondary pharmaceutical education have received higher education at the faculty.

In the following years, in addition to Azerbaijani citizens, students from Turkey, Iran, Syria, Angola, Nigeria, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries received education at the faculty.


The faculty was headed by leading pharmaceutical scientists: Isaac Holberg (1941-1943); R.G. Aliyev (1943-1965); I.A. Demirov (1965-1970); D.Ya. Huseynov (1970-1972); R.A. Babakhanov (1972-1977); A.H. Ragimova (1977-1980); G.B. Iskanderov (1980-1983); F.A. Tahmazov (1983-1993); A.M. Afandiyev (1993-1994); D.B. Tagiyev (1994-1995); R.B. Bagirov (1995-2004).


Currently, there are more than 5000 highly qualified pharmacists-bachelors and masters in Azerbaijan. 11 people defended their doctoral thesis and more than 44 people defended their Ph.D. in pharmaceuticals at profile faculties of the faculty.

Many leading chemists and doctors of biological sciences, who work in ANAS, are graduates of this educational institution.


In 2004, the educational period was reduced to 4 years, and graduates received a bachelor s degree. Currently, the most active graduates of the faculty continue their education in master s degree in pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical chemistry, toxicological chemistry and pharmacognosy.


Education in the master s degree is 2 years. Currently, students of foreign countries, as well as more than 350 students of the republic receive a bachelor s and master s degree in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages.


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