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Department of I Internal Medicine and Reanimatology

This department has been established on the basis of the I Internal Diseases, Anaesthesiology and reanimatology Departments as a results of the reporens realized in AMU in 1991.

Since that time Honored Scientist, professor A.A.Akhunbeyli has been leading the department. Since 2010 head of  the department is professor I.S.Ismayilov.

The I Internal Diseases department has begun to function independently from the I Hospital Therapy department, its first collaborators being prof. Isazade H.M., prof. Taagizade Z.A., dos. Mehdiyev A.M., dos. Mahmudbeyova E.B., then as the department of Hospital Therapy at the Pediatric faculty in 1969-1974, at the Medical Faculty in 1974-85 and as the I Internal Diseases Department in 1985-91. The department was headed by Honored scientist, prof. Isazade H.M. in 1969-1990 and by prof. Baxshaliyev A. B. in 1990-1991.

The Department of Anaesthesiology and reanimatology was founded in 1974 and its first collaborators had been Akhunbeyli A.A., dos. Ismayilov E.A., candidate of medical sciences Eldarova E.A, candidate of medical sciences Soskin V.D. The department was headed by prof. Akhunbeyli A.A. till its connection with the I Internal Diseases department.

35 collaborators are working at the I internal Diseases and reanimatology department at present: 3 doctors of medicine, professors; 9 candidate of medical sciences, dosents; 14 assistants (9 of them candidate of medical sciences); 7 senior laborants.

Teaching process (Educational work): Subjects on internal diseases, on occupationed diseases and Reanimatology are being taught to the IV-VI year students of the Medical faculty and the V-VI year students of the Military-Medicine faculty.

Academic work: In resent 35 years 8 theses for Doctors and over 40-for Candidates degree have been worked out at the department. More than 1200 scientific articles over 20 textbooks and teaching aids, 90 educational methodic work have been published.

Diagnostics of the coronary-heart diseases and its prophylaxis, as well effective treatment and intensive care in critical cases are composing the main directions of the scientific-research work carried out at the department.

Therapeutic work: As the highly qualified specialists the department collaborators consult the patient and provide the therapeutic work  at  the  clinics of  AMU (TTK, TSK, City  Hospital N1)  and at other medical establishments  of  Baku

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