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Department of Clinical Pharmacology

The department of the clinical pharmacology of Azerbaijan Medical University is relatively young department. The lessons on this discipline were taught at the departments of the internal diseases at the beginning of 90s. In 1992 under the department of the internal diseases I the course on the clinical pharmacology was organized. In 1993 the scientific council of AMU made decision on the separation of the course on the clinical pharmacology as the independent department. A.B.Bakhshaliyev assigned as the Head of the department and he has been managing the department since 1993. 
The department acts on the basis of the UCCH # 6 from the time of establishment, from 2007 the department continues its activity under SR Cardiologic Institute after the name of J.M.Abdullayev. The branch of the department was established at the base of the Republican clinical hospital after the name of M.Mirgasimov in 1996. The department taught the students of the faculty of treatment-prevention and pediatrics the subject of the clinical pharmacology during the first years. In 1995 the students of the faculty of medical-biology and pharmacology, in 1997 the student of the stomatology faculty were attracted to the studies. 
4 Candidate's dissertations were developed during the activity of the department, presently the works are conducted on 2 doctoral, 4 candidate's dissertations. 2 DPhils, 5 associate professors and 5 assistants and 5 head laborant work in the collective. The employees of the department published several educational supplements and textbooks at last years. For example: "Antiarythmical means, heart glycosides (A.B.Bakhshaliyev, 1993), Hypotensive medicaments" (A.B.Bakhshaliyev, F.I.Ibrahimli and others 1995), "Clinical pharmacology" (A.B.Bakhshaliyev 2004 and 2009). 
The head of the department, professor A.B.Bakhshaliyev was the chairman of the Republican Pharmacology Committee. Presently he is the chairman of the problematic commission on "Therapy", advisor of 4th Head Office of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as the director SR Cardiology Institute after the name of J.M.Abdullayev.

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