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II Department of Children's Diseases

Pediatrics Department of the Treatment and Prophylaxis Faculty of the Azerbaijan Medical University made a great contribution to the development of medical science and delivering professional medical services to the children of our country.
In 1924 the first Pediatrics Department of Medical Faculty of the Azerbaijan State University was established by Professor A.S.Karnitsky under the Child's Hospital named after N.Narimanov. In 1924-1930 the Department was headed by Professor Karnitsky. The Head of Department B.P.Brukhansky in 1930-1935 was in position of the Director of Maternal and Child's Protection Institute named after N.K.Krupskaya.
In 1935 Z.A.Huseynbayov became the Head of the Department. At this period the Department staff held fruitful pedagogical and scientific-research activities. Key subject of the activities were rheumatism and regional pathology problems.
In 1940-1955 the Department was headed by Professor S.G.Stein. During this period the scientific problem issue of the Department was rheumatism, rachitis and malaria.

In 1956-1959 the Department was again headed by Professor Z.A.Huseynbeyov (1900-1959). The scientist, along with tireless scientific and pedagogical activity conducted a great work on study of topical problems of regional pathology of the diseases widely spread among children of our Republic. He also combined scientific, treatment and pedagogical activities with a public one - he was a member of Baku Soviet.
In 1963-1965 the Department was headed by Senior Lecturer N.Kh. Mustafayeva and in 1965-1970 by Academician A.A.Namazova. With view to struggle against rheumatism the Republican Cardiorheumatogical Centre was established under the leadership of A.A. Namazova where along with rheumatism great attention was paid to the study of clinical symptoms' features for venous dystonia in children.

In 1970-1992 the Department was headed by Prof. N.A.Huseynova. Since the early 70s the Department started to study gastro enteric and hepatobiliary system diseases in children. The talented scientist, experienced physician, Honored Physician of the Republic, Professor N.A.Huseynova played great role in studying of gastro enteric disorders in children of Azerbaijan. Her Sour and Sweet Blends in Dietetics of Healthy and Ill Children up to 1 Age (1955) Ph.D. and Clinical and Biochemical Parallels in Early-Aged Children Suffered Gastroenteric Disorders (1969) Prof.Dr. works were highly estimated by medical society. For the first time endoscopic, bacteriological and ultraviolet research methods were used.

Since 1992 up to now the Department has been headed by Honored Scientist, Prof. N.J.Quliyev. Head Pediatrist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Honored Scientist, Professor N.J.Quliyev is a Director of the Scientific and Research Pediatrics Institute named after K.Y.Farajova and President of the ‘Turk Dunyasi' Union of Pediatrists. He is author of about 300 scientific articles, scientific head and consultant of over 20 Ph.D., 2 Prof. Dr.dissertations.

Clinical and Paraclinical Parallels of Intestinal Absorption Disorder Syndrome in Early-Aged Children, as well as Pathogenesis and Clinic Study for Chronic Hepatitis in Children scientific-research works of the Department were completed and reflected in numerous articles. Lately Catamnestic Observations among Children Suffering Intrauterine Infections, as well as Residual Symptoms of Intrauterine Infections were the topics of the Department's scientific-research works.

For the aim of rendering practical medical service to the population the intensive activities are conducted. During the years of the Department's activity dozens of young specialized scientists and practitioners, 4 Prof. Dr., 13 Medicine Ph.D-s have been trained. At present, the staff of the Department consists of 2 professors, 9 senior lecturers and 20 assistants. With view to realize practically scientific activities a lot of scientific articles, scientific-methodical manuals were published both in our country and abroad.
The Department's leading teachers - Professor N.J.Quliyev, Professor N.A.Huseynova, Professor S.M.Qasymova, Senior Lecturers S.A. Abiyeva, R.H.Rzayeva, Z.M.Talyshly, S.A.Huseynova and others played great role in enriching the scientific and pedagogical capacity of the Department.

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