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Department of Radiation therapy and diagnostics

History of the department. The department of Radiology and Radiotherapy was established in 1930. In the early years, the department was functioning on the base of the department of Therapeutic Propaedeutics as a course. The head of the course of “Roentgenology and Radiology” was Associate Professor M.T.Kasimly. He led this course for 12 years. In 1942, the course of “Roentgenology and Radiology” was seperated from that department and started to function independently. V.N.Abgarov was appointed as the head of the course. He has been honored by the title of “Head of the Department” since 1950. Since 1969, B.A.Bakhshiyev, who successfully defended his doctoral thesis at the Institute of Roentgenology and Radiology in Moscow, returned to his home country and started to work as the Head of the department of Radiology and Radiotherapy ever since. B.A.Bakhshiyev is one of the first scientists who got the PhD degree in this field. During these years of his leadership, the potential of the department has expanded and vast amount of important things have been done in order to increase the quality of the education process. Currently, the department of Radiology and Radiotherapy is located in the Educational-Therapeutic and Educational-Surgical Clinics of Azerbaijan Medical University. In the Radiology department, modern diagnostic tools (Digital X-Ray, Computed Tomography, Angiography, Ultrasound, Mammography) are functioning. For the first time in Azerbaijan Republic, in this department, radiology textbooks were published in Azerbaijani and Russian languages, furthermore, more than 12 textbooks and monographs and more than 700 articles were published by the staff of the department. The department of Radiology and Radiotherapy has played an important role in the development of national staff in Roentgenology and Radiology in Azerbaijan Republic. Majority of the radiologists working in this field in our country have succeeded, by their pathway through this department. 2 subjects are trained in the department: 1. Radiology. 2. Radiotherapy.

Currently, the staff consists of 23 people: 1 professor, 5 associate professors, 10 assistants, 8 chief laboratory assistants.

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