Clinical and biochemical laboratory

The clinical and biochemical laboratory, using a hematology analyzers “Mythic-18” and “Botest-3100” conducted a blood test, as well as with the use of urine analyzer “Docu reader” and “Motik” binocular microscope conducted a full analysis of the urine. The study of the blood coagulation system is performed using “Coatron” and “Ral Clotty” coagulometers. Investigation of the body's blood and other biological fluids is implemented using analyzers «Hospitex diaqnostics» and «BIOSCREEN MS-2000" on 42 parameters. In the clinical and biochemical laboratory, cancer markers are examined by 9 parameters (CEA, CA 15-3, CA 19-9, PSA, CA-125, hCG, and so on), hormones by15 parameters, infection by 16 parameters (by immunoassay method), and this Times “Hospitex diaqnostics” and “Stat Fax” are used.

The clinical and biochemical laboratory studies mentioned above are carried out by the following employees:


Contact: 595-54-75

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