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Among the students who took exam recenty the majority were the students of the Faculty of medical prevention and medical biology. Postgraduate students of the same faculty, Asadli Farida and Roya Gasimli say that they were excited before the exam but then they achieved to give good answers to questions. According to Roya Gasimli, at first she was very uncomfortable: "But during the exam I saw that questions are not so difficult and therefore I could answer the most of the questions correctly." Farida Asadli said that the examination process was very good: "Very quiet conditions have been provided for us and there is nothing that prevents us from thinking. As soon as the test starts, excitement leaves and one can sit quietly and answer questions. "
Third-year student in the same faculty Shamsi Kazımov is also sure that exam results will be positive: "I love my subject, so I was prepared with great enthusiasm. It was easy for me. "
Fourth-year student of the Faculty of Treatment and Prevention Zamina Allahverdiyeva likes such kind of test: "In an oral examination I speak a lot around the questions and sometimes I forget important points. However, the test require specific answers to the questions. Time passes rationally. "
It should be noted that there are more than 220 computers in two Hall of VTC. Rooms are equipped with cameras in order to keep the room under constant control. Images taken by these cameras are transferred directly to the rector's room and to the base computer of VTC.
During the exam AMU students enter their personal electronic files by typing individual code and participate in the test. When the correct answers are approved, correct answers and the points gained are displayed on the screen. Student page have a necessary information about the student (name, course, faculty, image), as well as information about the exams (exam day, time, duration, response options, gained points, etc.).

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