UNIVERSİTY / Virtual Test Centre / Rules of using VTC

I STEP: Access to VTS

Double clicking on the mouse button, follow the link in the Internet Explorer Browser and automatically gain an access to the VTS system. In the left part of the open window, the tab with the “apple” image is selected and by clicking on this button you go to the "Complete Registration" window.

II STEP: Complete Registration

On the registration page, lines are arranged in order. Firstly, in the "Test" line, the Session (winter, spring or summer) is selected, in the line "Specialty” faculty and department are selected. And after selecting the Course in the "Status" line, enter the student's password (10-digit code) in the "Password" line. Then button "Complete Registration" is pressed. At the next stage, the subject of the exam is selected.

III STEP: The Selection of the Exam Subject

After registration, the list of exams for the corresponding session is displayed on the left side of the monitor. In accordance with the student exam schedule, before the name of one of the subjects (several subjects), the "Reply to test" button appears. The student, selecting the subject of the exam and clicking on the button "Reply to the test", goes into the answer mode.

IV STEP: "Reply to Test" Mode

Clicking on the button "Reply to the test" before the chosen exam, the active window changes: the text of the test, the selected subject (on the right) and the number of answers to the questions (on the left) are displayed on the screen. If you enter this mode to read test questions and not to answer the test questions, then pressing the left side of the button “Return to the objects list”, you can go back.

The left side displays the same number of questions and answers. There are 5 answers for each question. Pressing the left mouse button, you can select or change your selection. For each question, there is one option for the correct answer.

On the right side, after reading the test questions and answering them, click on the button "I'm sure, and I'm answering". However, confirming your answers, you add your answers to your personal electronic card.

Note: By clicking on the button "I'm sure and I'm answering," it is assumed that you have completed the test and cannot now re-answer questions or change the answers. Thus, only after you are sure of your answer, we advise you to click on the button "I'm sure, and I'm answering".

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