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In recent years, the "Virtual Testing System" project has been successfully implemented in many leading universities of the world. In order to minimize human subjectivity and other subjective factors in assessing students' knowledge, "Virtual Test Center" (VTM) was created on the orders of the rector of the AMU, Academician A.T. Amiraslanov. Starting from the 2011-2012 academic year of the winter session, university examinations are carried out using the virtual testing method. In two rooms of the Virtual Testing Center about 250 computers are installed connected to the local network and managed via a shared server. In this center more than 1000 students a day can take the exam. In order to clarify the examination process, special webcams are placed in each computer room, with the help of which a video recording of the exam is conducted. Specific rules and regulations are designed for students to conduct examinations in VTM.

During the exam, the student answers the question displayed on the monitor and makes an answer, in the dialogue mode in the computer; at the end of the exam, a student learns the collected number of points. Personal testing results of student are stored on the electronic archive server.

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