UNIVERSİTY / Department of Education and methodological innovations

To strengthen the guidance and observation of the educational process, corresponding to modern requirements, in order to optimize the matching of higher education to the principles of the Bologna Declaration in the Azerbaijan Medical University is started operating department "educational-methodical innovation".

Head of department;

Akif Gurbanov – Doctor of medicine, Professor

Rahman Guliev - PhD, Associate Professor

Korkmaz Akhmedov - PhD, Associate Professor

Naila Zulfugarov - PhD, Senior Lecturer

Shahla Yusubova - PhD, ass


The main purpose of the department is organization of educational process and the implementation of the guidance and monitoring process, as well as providing new methods in education. In connection with this department of "educational-methodical innovation" is implementing the following:

• Development and application of new forms and methods of training in the educational process of the European Credit Transfer System;

• Monitoring the preparation of training programs on subjects; 

• Develop plans for lectures and workshops in accordance with the programs of subjects;

• Monitoring compliance with textbooks and teaching materials and programming;
• Organize discussions textbooks, teaching aids, and the Central Methodical Commission;
• Assist faculty in the use of the latest hardware - drawing guidelines for the use of these funds;

• Technical assistance in the preparation of re-examination cards and tests, situational problems and other forms of verification;

• Organisation of teaching conferences, lectures and seminars to improve the educational activity;

• Provide assistance to departments to improve the methodological work;

• Methodical control over drawing education programs for residents;

The following forms of methodological work are used:

• Interdepartmental training and methodological discussions, seminars, meetings and conferences;

• Assembly of the methodologicaldepartment of chairs;

• Assembly of chairs;

• A series methodical assembly committees on subjects;

• Assembly of Central Methodical Commission;

Department of "educational-methodical innovation" in order to improve guidance to the educational process:

• provides exemplary conduct training and participate in faculty;

• takes part in the discussions and open sessions on various subjects;

• provides mutual participation of teaching staff in conducting lectures and workshops;

• provides for the exchange of experiences between various departments and the general profile;

The following forms of methodological controls are used:

• Monitoring compliance with textbooks and teaching aids available, and training programs;

• Methodical control of the educational process in the departments;
• Verification of training, teaching and regulations of the departments;
• Discussion of the results of inspections carried out in the departments

Study programs management
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