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The department, which functions since 1930 in Azerbaijan Medical University, used to be called "Postgraduate Studies", then "Postgraduate Studies and Clinical Residency", and now "Doctoral Studies". It is an organization, dedicated to the development of scientific-pedagogical and scientific personnel. After the establishment of the Azerbaijan State Medical Institute in 1930 on the basis of the medical faculty of Baku State University, the number of students studying each year increased, therefore it was necessary to increase the number of scientific and pedagogical staff of the departments. The creation of new faculties required the opening of additional departments, and these departments were to be provided by teaching staff. Thus, in 1930 the department of postgraduate study was opened in the institute. The first postgraduate students of the Azerbaijan State Medical Institute were the following persons:

1.  M. Mukhtarov – specialty "Pathological Anatomy"

2.  A. Aliyev – specialty « Pharmacology »

3. Z. Mammadov – specialty « Surgeon »

4. Abdullabekov– specialty « Diagnostics »

5. Arutyunov – specialty « Skin and venereal diseases »

6. Garayeva – specialty «Obstetrics and gynecology»

7. Baragamov – specialty «Hospital therapy»

8. Zaguskina - specialty «Hospital therapy»

9. A. Ismailov – specialty «Elective therapy»

10. M. Guliyev – specialty «Nervous Diseases»

11. G.R. Gurbanov – specialty « Odontology »

12. I. Orudjov–specialty «Elective therapy»

13. S.A. Mirzayeva –specialty «Elective therapy»

14. Zavodskov – specialty «Elective therapy»

15. Saminskaya – specialty «Childhood diseases»

16. F. Ibrahimov – specialty «Physiology»

17. R.J. Muganlinskiy – specialty «Normal anatomy»

Due to the fact that classes at the Institute were taught in Azerbaijani and Russian languages, postgraduate studies were also conducted in two languages. That is why the postgraduate students needed to master both languages, while 2/3 of the students were trained in Azerbaijani and 1/3 in Russian. In 1940, 20 out of 40 working professors were Azerbaijanis by nationality. In 1930 37.7% of faculty members were Azerbaijanis, in 1940 - 66.2%. The increase in the number of Azerbaijani specialists had a positive impact on the level of the teaching staff, who owned the local language of the population. In 1937, 21 people from the Azerbaijan State Medical Institute participated in the All-Union competition of young researchers. 8 of them (Aziz Aliyev, A. Hasanov, S. Mamedzade, Novruzlu, Kovshar, etc.) received awards.

In the 20-30s of the 20th century, most of the scientists of the Azerbaijan State Medical Institute, who defended their doctoral thesis, and received the title of professor, for many years had been engaged in effective scientific-pedagogical activities and actively participated in the socio-political life of our republic. Such scientists as M.M. Mirgasimov, M.A Topchubashov, A.M. Aliyev, J. Huseynov, A.S. Hasanov, U.S Musabayli, A.T. Alibekov, K.A. Balakishiyev, M.M. Afendiyev, H.K. Aliyev, M.M. Afendizade, M.M. Mirsalimov, I.M. Ismailzadeh and other scientists laid the foundation for medical analysis in the Azerbaijani language and won fame far beyond Azerbaijan for their contribution to the development of medical science.

In 1930-2012, 758 students entered the post-graduate course. There were 63 foreigners among the postgraduate students.

In 1940, the department received the name "Postgraduate Studies and Clinical Residency". In 1940-2009, 693 young doctors continued their education in clinical residency. 43 of them were citizens of foreign countries.

In accordance with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan on July 1, 2010, the name of the department "Postgraduate and clinical internship" was changed to "Doctoral studies".

The department was led by the following scientists:

1965-1972 - Candidate of Medical Sciences F. Takhmazov, 1972-1977 - Candidate of Medical Sciences B.S. Kichikbekov, 1977-1980 - Candidate of Medical Sciences Z. Huseynova, 1980-1989 - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor G.G. Huseynov, 1989-2003 - Candidate of Medical Sciences K.M. Akhundov, 2003-2016 - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor G.K. Muradov, 2017 - S.S. Javadov.

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