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The Department of Physical Education was established as a course of physical education under the Social Hygiene department in 1931.
The Department had been functioned as a Department of Physical Education and Medical Monitoring from 1933 to 1934.
The Department of Physical Education was combined with the Military department in 1940.
The Department of Physical Education again became independent from 1950 till 1951.
From the number of teachers and students in order to provide sporting mass work was formed the Sport Club in 1952.
The mentioned department was divided on two independent departments in 1969:
1. Physical education and sport.
2. Medical control and medical physical culture.
The department was headed by:
From 1931 till 1950 - docent Aliev S.G.
From 1951 till 1954 - professors Blishenko P.V., Muradov B.B. and Bugaev A.I.
From 1954 till 1969 - honored doctor of the Azerbaijan Republic Ahundov K.M., MD, PhD
From 1969 till now - professor Keberlinskiy K.A, PhD.
No one among the teacher's staff has received doctorate but the 3 people have honored as a candidate of science:
1967 - Ahundov. K.M.
1968 - Keberlinsky. K.A.
1986 - Kushnikov. E.E.
The more than 380 articles dedicated of the sport issues were published in various journals for all history of the department.
From1931 till 1940 the physical training of students was directed to the patriotic spirit.
From1941 till 1945 in connection with the integration of the Department of Physical Education with the Military Department, the physical training of students was combined with military training.
From 1946 till 1952 the teacher's staff consisted of physicians. The specific activity of department was directed to LFK (therapeutic physical control).
From 1952 till 1969 in connection with the creation of the Sporty Club, the specific work of the department has become much more intensive. The students started to participate in various competitions.
From1969 till 1983 despite the absence of its own sports centre the students successfully participated in various competitions.
The sports centre was built in1984. The sport centre includes the 10 specialized halls, athletics arena and 25 meter swimming pool.
The institute teams participated in various international competitions in Kaunas, Minsk, Moscow, Ashgabat, Lvov and other cities until 1991.
During this period, our volleyball and handball teams participated in international friendly matches with teams of medical faculty of Humboldt University in the German Democratic Republic in Berlin city.
If before our students had won the city and country championships, late they became actively involved in European and World championships started from 1995. For example, student of therapeutic and preventive faculty Jeyhun Shadlinsky - won the bronze medal in kickboxing world championship in 1996.
In the same year Dzhanpolad Budagov became European champion in ushu-sanda, and then he won a world champion in Hong Kong in 1999.
The student of the medical and biological faculty Annenko Ina participated in the handball national team in European Championship held in Copenhagen in the 1996.
The student of therapeutic and preventive faculty Khaleeva Alice has won five gold medals on swimming at different distances on Islamic Games in Tehran (Iran) in 1998. She represented the Azerbaijan national team in the XXVII Olympic Games in 2000.
At the same time students of therapeutic and prophylactic faculty Rufat Bagirov and Kamala Gurbanova became winners in the different international chess tournaments held in the Paris, Madrid, Warsaw and Athens cities.
The AMU team took 1st place at Student Games held among different highest education institutions in various types of sport in 1991, and this success was repeated 10 times. As a result, AMU was awarded the Super Bowl.
Beginning from 1931, the Department has prepared 80 masters of sport and more than 1000 rated athletes.
The training centre operated 29 sports sections with great success.
The three books have been published from 1982 till 2009:
1. Keberlinsky K.A."The handball game "(in Azeri language).
2. Guseynov M.I."Athleticism - the basis of a comprehensive physical development" (in Azeri language).
3.Mamedov. Z.A "Current features of physical education and sport" (in Azeri language).
The Sporty Club conducts of the sport and fitness activities among professional and teaching staff of AMU and students who is living in dormitories.
The competitions between different faculties on 7-8 types of sport are held each year. The training and competitions carried out by specialists/ teachers of the mentioned department.
The department also employs 2 technicians and laboratory assistant.
The "Physical education" subject is conduct once a week for students 1 and 2 courses. The main task of the lesson is: full physical fitness, health and improving performance of the student.
The department had published about 500 scientific articles, 20 monographs and 75 research grants at present day.
The University authorities to pay special attention and greater care to department for strengthening of health and improving of workability.
Even in summer period of time in order to provide active healthy recreation the professional and teaching staff of AMU and students/sportsmen's to have great possibility to spend time in Nabran seaside in the "Tebib" sport camp.


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