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Statutes of the Scientific Council

1. The general management of the higher educational institution is organized by the Scientific Council and led by the rector. The term of the Academic Council’s office is 3 years. The reestablishing of the Academic Council can be carried out at the request of at least 2/3 of its members.

2. The scientific council includes: the rector (chairman) of the higher educational institution, the vice-rector for academic affairs (deputy chairman), vice-rectors, scientific secretaries, and deans, directors of research institutes, chairmen of colleges (employees and students), heads of departments and chairmen of the Student Scientific Society. Meetings are considered competent if 2/3 of the total number of scientists is involved. Participants who get more than 50% of the votes are considered members of the Academic Council.

3. The Scientific Council shall be established on the instructions of the body to which the educational institution is subordinate.

4. The Scientific Council of the higher education institution:

 - adopts the statutes of the Higher Educational Institution, makes changes and additions, approves internal disciplinary rules for students, teachers, employees, postgraduates, doctoral students and students;

- approves the program for the development of higher education;

- considers training of specialists, scientific and pedagogical personnel, raising their qualifications and retraining, solves issues related to all educational and research works;

- elects the Secretary of the Council among the members of the Scientific Council, creates commissions on education and science, socio-economic and economic activities. Accepts their reports and takes appropriate decisions;

- elects the Secretary of the Board members to organize the work of the Council, prepare sessions and supervise the implementation of decisions;

- solves issues related to the creation, cancellation, reorganization of faculties, departments and other structural subdivisions of higher educational institutions;

- accepts reports of faculties on teaching, research and educational activities;

- presentation of the assignment of academic titles and presentation to government and departmental awards,

and medals;

- elects heads of departments, professors, senior scientific workers and considers issues related to their early posts;

- In exceptional cases - in the absence of Scientific Councils and in case of conflicts by the decision of the rector, the deans of the faculties choose associate professors, senior teachers and assistants, researchers and consider questions about their early dismissal.

5. The Scientific Council works on the plan for each academic year and semester. The work plan of the Scientific Council is discussed at the meeting and approved by the rector.

6. Decisions of the Scientific Council on all issues of pedagogical, scientific and educational work are adopted by a simple majority of votes by open ballot. The election of teachers, heads of departments, deans of faculties, professors, associate professors and awarding of honorary titles is carried out by secret ballot.

7. It is important that at least 2/3 of its members participate in the decision of the Academic Council.

8. Decisions of the Scientific Council shall come into force only after the approval of the rector.

9. 9. Minutes of meetings of the Council shall be signed by the chairman and secretary of the Scientific Council and kept by the Scientific Secretary.

10. The Chairman of the Scientific Council shall organize a regular review of the decisions of the Council and inform the Council members on the implementation of the decisions.

11. If the decision taken by the Scientific Council is not objective and contrary to the law, it can be revoked by the central administrative body of the higher educational institution.

The chairman of the Scientific Council of Azerbaijan Medical University is Professor Garay Garaybayli, the secretary is Associate Professor Nazim Panahov.

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