Administration / Vice-rector for educational and Medical issues

AMU Vice-Rector for Education affairs
Honored Scientist, Doctor of Medicine, Prof. Aliyev Sabir Jahan
AMU Vice-rector for Educational Affairs prof. Aliyev Sabir Jahan, born in 1944, graduated from the Faculty of Treatment-Prevention of the Azerbaijan State Medical Institute named after N.Narimanov in 1967. Under appointment he was sent to work at Naftalan sanatorium as a doctor-intern and later was appointed as department chief of treatment affairs. From 1969 to 1972 he received his postgraduate course in pathological physiotherapy chair of AMU named after N.Narimanov. In March of 1973 he defended his candidacy thesis. In 1972 he became an assistant in the chair, in 1973 senior teacher and in 1976 was elected to the post of assistant professor. He has been working as a chief of educational section of the chair for a long time and in 1992 he defended his thesis for a Doctoral degree. A part of this thesis was performed in Moscow All-Union Allergology Center under the guidance of academician A.D.Ado from 1982 to 1988. In 1970 he was the member and lecturer at the first congress of pathophysiologist of USSR which was held in Baku. Besides, he was the member of organizing committee and lecturer of Dashkand 2nd Congress and Tbilisi 3rd Congress. In 1993 he became the professor of the very chair. In 1994 AAK awarded him the scientific title professor of pathophysiology. From 1999 to 2001 he worked as a Dean of Faculty of Treatment-Prevention I. In February of 2001 he was elected to the post of chief of pathophysiological chair and in May of the same year he was appointed to the post of Vice-rector on educational affairs.
He is the chairman of "Medical-Theoretical Section" operating in the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic, Central Methodic Commission of the, "Pathomorphological and pathophysiological" Commission at the Ministry of Health and Defence Council which is qualified on "anatomy, pathophysiology, biochemistry, pharmacology". He is also a member of University's High Scientific Council and Pediatric Faculty's Scientific Council, Azerbaijan Medical Magazine's Editorial council and "Medical" Council of Azerbaijan National Academy of Science.
He has been the chairman of University's YAP (New Azerbaijan Party) organization since 1992.
He was awarded the titles such as "Excellent in medicine" in 1986, "Republic's Honored Teacher" in 2000. Besides, he was awarded the Diploma of the Ministry of Health in 2004 and "Tereqqi" (Progress) medal in 2007.
On 27 February 2008 he was elected as academician of Medical Section by International Science Academy of Turkish World Researches.
On 6 March 2009 he was awarded "Golden start for his services to Turkish world" by the very Academy.
He the author of more than 300 scientific works, 5 text books, 4 manuals, 4 scientific brochure, pathophysiological atlas electronic textbooks which were the first book in the world to publish in 3 language (Azerbaijani, Russian, English), as well as some other educational and methodical manuals.
Under his guidance 10 candidacy theses have been defended within the last 8 years, and scientific-re search works are being continued on 5 candidacy and doctoral thesis.

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