Replantation successfully performed at the Educational-surgical Clinic of AMU

Doctors of the Educational- surgical Clinic of Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU) often carry out risky and successful operations.


One of such operations was carried out on a patient, who applied to a clinic with a confirmed diagnosis of deformed arthrosis of both knee joints. Surgical intervention was conducted under the supervision of the head of the orthopedics and traumatology department of the AMU clinic, associate professor Jafar Nasirli.


According to an experienced orthopedic traumatologist, there were several reasons why surgical interventions were unavoidable: “The initial reason is delayed treatment, weight gain, nutritional problems, and other factors. In the patient, the cartilage tissues in both knees were completely erased and lost their amortization. The patient could neither walk nor straighten his knees. At this point, the injections give a temporary effect, and ultimately do not give any positive results. Therefore, surgery was the right decision. We successfully performed the operation and at the same time replanted it on both knees of the patient. ”


Having said that the operation was successful, K. Nashirli noted that the patient would be able to walk in two days, and without a walking stick - in a week.

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