AMU employee participated in the International Medical Forum in China

The Head of the Pharmacology Department of AMU, Professor Musa Ganiyev and Professor Abuzar Gaziyev participated in the First World Forum on Medical Innovation and Cooperation, organized by the China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The forum, which took place on May 26-29, was held in the city of Fanchengang of the People’s Republic of China.


According to Professor M. Ganiyev, the China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization was established in 2001 by the leaders of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Currently, partners of the organization were India, Pakistan and many Muslim countries.


The forum was attended by 664 delegates from 21 countries. Representatives of Azerbaijan made a presentation at the section of the forum on medicine, pharmacy and health care. According to M. Ganiyev, the forum provided only a limited number of reports - 25 reports: “One of these reports was my lecture on the topic “The main directions of pharmacological research in Azerbaijan”. In my speech, I spoke in detail about the urgent problems of the development of medicine in our country, about our scientific achievements and the rich raw material resources of our country. I emphasized the importance of exploring commodity stocks, student exchanges, and joint scientific collaboration with Shanghai Cooperation Organization. ”


The report of M. Ganiyev was met with interest, and a detailed discussion was held on this issue. The active participation of AMU staff in the forum will contribute to the establishment and development in the future of various partnerships between the China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the observer countries.

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