AMU employee did a research at Cleveland Clinic

An employee of the Pathological Anatomy Department of Azerbaijan Medical University, Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine Mushfig Orujov returned from a scientific mission that took place at Cleveland Clinic, one of the leading centers of world medicine.


Dr. M. Orujov was on a business trip from 04.09.2018-01.03.2019 as the winner of the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program. During this period, the representative of AMU conducted a scientific study on the topic "Pathology of the liver." As a result, the scientific article of M. Orujov has already been sent to print. Another scientific article, an example of a rare disease and a literature review (Case Report and Literature Review) should be sent to print. Currently three research works are still in progress.


In addition, Mushfig Orujov, taking part in numerous practical conferences, online courses and lectures by eminent scientists such as Dr. Stephen Billings, Dr. John Goldblum, Dr. Brian Rubin, Dr. Daniel Allende, improved his professional skills.


Thus, as a result of scientific activities, the foundation was laid for future scientific cooperation between Azerbaijan Medical University and Cleveland Clinic.

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