Seminar on Sepsis

A regular resident seminar was held at the Educational-therapeutic Clinic of AMU. At the seminar, the doctor of the intensive care unit Emil Gasimov made a presentation on the topic "Sepsis". E. Gasimov noted that sepsis was not widely recognized by doctors and the public, although it was known in the Hippocratic era. Over the past 25-30 years, the name of the syndrome has changed three times.


The doctor spoke about the Global Sepsis Alliance, its goals and strategies. It was noted that September 13 was World Sepsis Day.


In the United States and in a number of developed European countries, sepsis is registered, but the similar situation left much to be desired in Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey. Every year, 25-30 million people with sepsis are diagnosed worldwide.


Referring to the comparative analysis of sepsis in a number of countries, E. Gasimov gave recommendations, which included correct diagnosis and treatment of the patient.


It should be noted that the residents met with interest the report.

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