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AMU employee in Nakhchivan

On the basis of the letter from Nakhchivan State University and the agreement of the rector of AMU, the assistant of the Therapeutic Dentistry Department, doctor of philosophy in Medicine Vagif Hasanov was sent to Nakhchivan with the purpose of interuniversity exchange of experience.


The main purpose of the visit was acquaintanceship with the work of the medical faculty of NSU, as well as the exchange of educational innovations, the organization of lectures, seminars and master classes during the week. It should be noted that NSU is a campus with 108 hectares of land and 16 academic buildings. The Faculty of Medicine trains specialists in 4 specialties - medicine, dentistry, pharmaceuticals and medical prevention.


Our employee V. Hasanov was met by the rector of NSU, corresponding member of ANAS, Professor Salekh Maharramov and his assistants. During the meeting, the issues of organizing the work of the medical faculty were discussed. In addition, 90 textbooks and teaching aids, dedicated to dental education, were transferred to the library of NSU on behalf of AMU as a gift. The leadership of the NSU expressed special gratitude to the administration of AMU for the support.


Later, lectures, seminars and master classes were held. Subjects of lectures, seminars and master classes were: modern organization of dentistry, topical problems of dentistry. Local experts also participated in that process.


In conclusion, the rector of NSU, Corresponding Member of ANAS S. Maharramov expressed gratitude to the rector of AMU, Professor G. Garaybayli for support and noted that further development of inter-university relations would contribute to improving the quality of our education.

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