World Primary Immunodeficiency Week

Immunity is the balanced state of multicellular organisms having adequate biological defenses to fight infection, disease, or other unwanted biological invasion. No pathological process can occur in the body without the presence of the immune system. Primary immunodeficiency is a group of severe genetically determined diseases that is found all over the world.


As in many countries around the world, since 2011 a group of professors and teachers of the Medical University of Azerbaijan has been engaged in early diagnosis and treatment of such patients. Nevertheless, the number of patients with congenital immunodeficiency disorders in Azerbaijan is growing from year to year. It should be noted that the registration and monitoring of patients is organized in our republic, and currently there are 105 children and elderly patients under control.


World Primary Immunodeficiency Week is held in Azerbaijan for the 5th year already. This year the event was organized by the staff of the Scientific Research Immunological Laboratory of AMU and the staff of the Allergology and Immunology Department. The event was addressed by Professor Gulnara Nasrullaeva, Professor Amalia Ayyubova and Professor Lala Allahverdiyeva.


Doctors, who participated in the meeting, presented new information about the lifestyle and treatment of those patients and stressed the role of modern diagnostics in the early detection of diseases. At the end of the meeting, the children received special gifts and released colorful balloons into the sky.


Then the children and parents went to the children s entertainment center "Tom and Jerry", visited the party. The children watched the play with the heroes of fairy tales.

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