After 5 years, the woman experienced the joy of motherhood in the Surgical Clinic of AMU

A 32-year-old woman, who could not have a child for 5 years, experienced the joy of motherhood in the surgical clinic of Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU). According to Natavan Akhundova, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate

Professor of the II Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the first pregnancy of a woman in 2015 ended with a cesarean section at the 26th week. The newborn child died the same day.

Premature birth was caused by HELLP syndrome, which could lead to the death of the mother.

The doctor noted that the patient belonged to the blood group RH-, and her husband was RH +. In the first pregnancy and the postpartum period there was no anti-D-immunoprophylaxis: "But it was after abortion. A woman carried a thalassemia gene. Laboratory, instrumental, genetic studies were conducted in accordance with complaints. It was found that the woman was the carrier of six genes that had been coagulated (thrombophilia mutation). There was not observed any problem in normal karyotypes of parents. "

After the treatment the woman decided to remain pregnant. From the very beginning to the end of pregnancy, especially after the 20th week, strict control was carried out. The nephrologist took part in solving this problem. According to the protocol, anti-D immunoprophylaxis was carried out at 28.34 of pregnancy: "Finally, after serious attempts on December 28 last year, a baby was born by cesarean section; the weight of the fetus at birth was 3150 g, height 50 cm. The woman and the baby were discharged in good condition ".

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