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October 1- International Doctor’s Day

On the first Monday of October in many countries of the world celebrate International Doctor Day, which is also the Day of Solidarity of Doctors of the World.


Every year, about thousands of doctors of this organization help people in different countries (including hot spots), providing medical care to everyone in an emergency situation, without any discrimination or distinction. Also volunteers of the organization are engaged in preventive and educational work aimed at combating AIDS and drug addiction. It is this independent, non-governmental organization “Doctors without Borders” that help where it s needed most.


At present, there are about 32,000 doctors and about 53,000 intermediate-level medical workers in Azerbaijan. No matter where you are, you re still a doctor, because every life he/she saved is valuable.


In addition, the medical profession is one of the oldest on the planet. Appearing at the dawn of mankind itself, it has always been valued and respected. Modern physicians base their work on a huge amount of knowledge and the tremendous experience of doctors of all time.


Doctors and all health care workers celebrate their professional holiday with various festive and educational events. On this day, it is customary to hold various seminars, educational lectures about the medical profession, exhibitions and presentations.

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