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September 21 - International Day for the Distribution of Information on Alzheimer s disease

Every year on September 21, the International Day for the Distribution of Information on Alzheimer s disease is celebrated worldwide. It was established in 1994 on the initiative of organizations involved in the research of this disease and the search for ways to slow its development.


Even the doctors of Ancient Greece noted the connection of old age and the weakening of reason, but only in 1906, the German psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer described the disease, later named after him. He published an analysis of the illness of a fifty-year-old patient after her death. Then a few more similar descriptions appeared in the medical literature. Soon, Alzheimer s disease was recognized as an independent disease.

Alzheimer s is a progressive disease that impairs memory and other mental functions. During the disease there is a memory loss and loss of other essential cognitive abilities that are serious enough to interfere with an individual s daily life. As a rule, it is observed in people older than 65 years, but there is also early Alzheimer s disease (a rare form).


It should be noted, despite periodic sensational statements, no means of combating this disease has been found. With the help of medicine, one can only partially correct the condition of the person suffering from Alzheimer s disease, smooth the symptoms and slow the progression of the disease.


In the world today there are more than 35 million people, suffering from senile dementia. According to experts, this figure will increase steadily and by the year 2050 will reach 115 million people.


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