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April 7 - World Health Day

World Health Day is celebrated annually on April 7, beginning in 1950. The World Health Organization (WHO) dedicates every annual World Health Day to any topic.


This time, the campaign theme for World Health Day was chosen as a depression, resulting in 128,000 suicides in the WHO European Region. Currently, the number of people with depression is about 40 million people in the region.


According to the WHO Regional Director for Europe, despite the possibility of treating and preventing depression, at least 75 percent of people with depressive disorders do not receive adequate treatment.


Treatment of depression using therapy or antidepressants (or both) is a cost-effective approach. More effective prevention of depression through awareness-raising in the community will be an integral part of the work to shift to the overall coverage of public health services and social integration. This activity will help reduce the number of noncommunicable diseases by one third.

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