Medicine Today
October 16 - World Anaesthesia Day

The vast majority of people are sensitive to pain. However, the loss of sensitivity to pain is crucial when it comes to emergency medical care, the need for surgery. For centuries, surgery was performed without anesthesia.


In the first century BC. ancient Greek physician and philosopher Dioscorides, who, traveling with the Roman army during the times of Emperor Nero and practicing medicine, noted that the use of sedative medicines prepared from mandrake allows more successful operations, which increased the chances of wounded soldiers’ recovery.


Anesthesia - loss of nerve sensation. Artificial anesthesia is used for pain relief during surgical operations. The history of this field of medicine began in the middle of the 19th century - on October 16, 1846, American dentist Thomas Morton performed the operation under ether anesthesia. For the first time, the successful use of anesthesia to create general anesthesia was publicly demonstrated. As an anesthetic, he used diethyl ether inhalation. Therefore, October 16 and is considered to be the World Anesthesia Day.


Together with the development of society, knowledge in the field of medicine, including in anesthesiology, was improved, which led to its application in psychiatry and in narcology.

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