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4 January - World Braille Day

Braille Alphabet is a tactile writing system used by people who are visually impaired. It was invented by a student of the Paris National Institute, Louis Braille in 1824. The son of a cobbler at the age of three was wounded in his father s workshop and because of the inflammation, the boy lost his sight. At the age of 15,

Louis created his relief-dotted font as an alternative to the relief-linear font of Valentine Gaius, inspired by the simplicity of the "night writing". At that time, the "night writing" was used by the military to record reports that could be read in the dark.

The alphabet at first glance looked like a set of dots arranged in a certain order. The dots, placed with different combinations, form the basis of the alphabet. A full Braille cell includes six raised dots arranged in two columns. A six-letter alphabet consists of 64 cells, in eight-letter alphabet there are 256 cells. It is read with the index finger of one hand or both.

You can read up to 150 words per minute with Braille, and that s about half the speed of reading normal vision.

The first book on Braille is the book “The History of France”, published in 1937. This alphabet was officially recognized in France only in 1853, a year after the death of its creator because of tuberculosis. There are several publishers that produce books with Braille. The largest of these is Royal Institute for blind in London. The publishing house also publishes exam papers and bank notices.

It is worth mentioning that the Republican library for the blind operates in our country since 1981. Braille books, audio cassettes, CDs and periodicals make up 20,000 copies of the library s stock. 1500 people are regular readers of the library. In the printing house created by the Society of the Blind, books are printed in Azerbaijani in Braille.

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