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31 May – World No Tobacco Day

May 31 marks the World No Tobacco Day, proclaimed in 1988 by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The main purpose of this day is to educate the public about the damage of tobacco to the body, drawing its attention to this problem.

The world community had the goal of completely eliminating the problem of tobacco use in the 21st century. However, despite the fact that now it is the XXI century, this problem still remains relevant and the fight against nicotine is still ongoing. The main goal of the World No Tobacco Day is to protect the present and future generations. Thus, people who use tobacco, along with themselves, endanger the lives of others. Tobacco products, having a destructive effect on human health, have turned into a global social, economic and environmental catastrophe. Every year from the "Tobacco epidemic" about six million people die, from tobacco smoke 600 thousand people pass away. According to calculations, by 2030 the number of deaths from this bad habit will reach 8 million.

According to survey, conducted among residents of different countries, it was found that two thirds of those, who use tobacco, do not know about the dangers of smoking. Currently, there is a treatment for this dependence in different ways and can be abandoned regardless of age. Experts say that the age limit for people, who "refused" smoking at the age of 30-35 years, is equal to the age limit of people, who did not use tobacco throughout their lives.

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