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Arif Agayev: “There is no need to travel abroad for the surgical treatment of esophageal diseases”

Esophageal diseases occupy a special place in pathology today. The chaotic treatment of these diseases, sometimes attributed to thoracic surgery, makes the subject even more relevant. We talked on this topic with the thoracic surgeon of the Educational-surgical Clinic of AMU, a member of the Association of Thoracic Surgeons of Europe and Ukraine Arif Agayev.


A specialist, who got postgraduate studies in thoracic surgery in 2010-2014 years under the guidance of Professor M. Bagirov, at the same time he worked as a thoracic surgeon on duty in the department of “Injuries and polytrauma of the chest” of Kiev Hospital No. 17 in 2008-2014 years. The doctor, who defended his thesis on the topic "Diagnosis and surgical treatment of esophageal diverticulum", spoke about the problems encountered during his activity. It was noted that specialists in this field dealt with all surgical pathologies: “Unfortunately, in our society there are false notions about it. Patients, suffering from diseases of the esophagus are advised to seek treatment abroad or, they say, "You have no chance."But let s not forget that any patient always has a chance."


It was noted that the Educational-surgical Clinic had a specialized center for chest surgery and A. Agayev drew attention to the fact that over the past 4 years, about 100 patients had come to the center with a pathology of the esophagus: “Most of the complaints are related to benign, malignant or other neoplasms in the esophagus. The most predominant are malignant neoplasms of the esophagus, which account for about 40% of the total problem. We treat it with more modern surgical methods. In Azerbaijan, such operations are successfully carried out only in a few institutions, including the Educational-surgical Clinic of AMU. In our clinic, there are practically no deaths from pathologies of the esophagus. Of course, there are cases of postoperative complications, but they are eliminated by timely professional intervention. "


A. Agayev stressed that such an idea “the treatment of esophageal diseases is very complicated” - was old and that the problems were solved with the help of reconstructive surgeries, invasive methods: “In our clinic, accurate differential diagnosis of pathologies is carried out. The clinic is also equipped with all technical facilities and equipment for pentgenological, endoscopic, laboratory studies and invasive operations. A team of professionals, who effectively use modern technical capabilities, serves patients. There is no such kind of operations, related to thoracic surgery that would not be performed in the clinic.


Based on my 12 years of surgical experience, I can confidently say that there is no need to travel abroad for the surgical treatment of throat diseases. Patients in our center return to normal on the 5th and 7th day of surgery. Problems that interfere with proper nutrition and reduce the quality of life are solved less traumatic. ”

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