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"In such cases, a pregnancy is considered high-risk"

Every family s dream is to have a healthy baby. However, the pregnancy of women does not always proceed favorably. About the most common pathologies and causes during pregnancy, we talked with Kamala Aliyeva, assistant of the I Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU).

According to K. Aliyeva, in some cases, a pregnancy can be complicated by various pathological conditions that endanger the life of the mother and fetus.

"The main complications arising during pregnancy are maternal and fetal anemia, fetal hypoplasia, toxicosis, as well as abortion, various pathological conditions of a patient, hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn."

The doctor stressed that an important point of obstetric practice and monitoring of pregnancy was the assessment of the risk of pregnancy and perinatal pathology: "All factors that can complicate a pregnancy, as well as the state of health of future child s parents, are taken into account.

Factors that can complicate the course of pregnancy can be divided into several main groups:

  1. Socio-biological factors: the age of the mother is over 30 years old and the age of the father is over 40 years, bad habits among parents (smoking and alcohol abuse), harmful working conditions - increase the risk of chromosome and other fetal diseases;
  2. Obstetric and gynecological factors (established by questioning and examination of a pregnant woman): a large number of births (more than 4), abortions before birth in primipara, abortion between two pregnancies, premature birth, stillbirth, infertility, gynecological diseases of a future mother, fetal diseases in a previous pregnancy;
  3. Various diseases of a woman during pregnancy: diseases of internal organs, chronic and acute infections, toxicosis of pregnant women, bleeding during pregnancy, mothers with a negative Rh factor;
  4. Various diseases of the fetus: hypoxia (lack of oxygen), hypotrophy (small body weight of the fetus), parathrophy (increase in the body weight of the fetus is higher than physiologically acceptable);

In all these cases, pregnancy should be performed in a hospital setting. "

According to Kamala Aliyeva, the Educational- Surgical Clinic of AMU has all the conditions for observing pathological pregnancy and its successful completion.

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