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Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology

The department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology was established during period of existence of Baku State University Medical Faculty. The subject was taught since 1926. P.F.Zdrodovski (1890-1976) was the first chief of the department. During 1930-1932 period he was substituted as the chief of the department and Microbiology Institute by prominent scientist Lev Aleksandrovich Zilber (1894-1966). The position of the department chief was held by professor  Vladimir Aleksandroviç Barıkin (1879-1942)  in 1932-1933 and associate professor F.A.Yaqubov (1907-1971) during  1933 – 1971 period (38 years)..

In 1971 honored scientist professor Nariman Jalil oghlu Aliyev (1911-2004) had become the head of the department. Efforts of Nariman Jalil oghlu Aliyev made possible to establish bacteriological, virological and immunological laboratories in the department.

N.J. Aliyev is the author of the first textbook "Basics of microbiology" in azerbaijani language (1975). In 1986 N.J. Aliyev in cooperation with H.A. Gadirova and S.G. Zeynalova published textbook on "Medical Virology course”.

In 1988-2003 the department was headed by professor Huseyin Hasan oghlu Ibrahimov (1938-2003). His "Medical microbiology" textbook was published in 1995. “Medical microbiology practical exercises” textbook was published in 1998 by the department staff (H.H.Ibrahimov, S.G.Zeynalova, I.B.Ahmadov, A.G.Bayramov).

From 2004  till now the department chief is honored scientist, D.M.Sc., professor Zakir Omar oghlu Garayev (was born in 1941). During this period a great a has been performed to apply modern-level education and enhance scientific research works. The issue of textbook "Medical Microbiology and Immunology" written by him and professor A.I.Gurbanov resolved challenges relating subject education.

Lectures and practical lessons in the department are held with help of computer technology. At the initiative of Z.O.Garayev «Azerbaijan Medical Microbiologists and Immunologists Society» was established.

Under the Z.O.Garayev leadership the department conducts scientific research in following directions:

Etiopathogenetic features of urogenital system infections, improvement of diagnostic and treatment principles.

At the present time the department has 41 staff members: 7 professors: 4 – DMSc, 3 – DBSc, 9 associate professors:  7 – doctors of philosophy in medicine, 2 - doctors of philosophy in biology, 7  assistant professors: 4 doctors of philosophy in medicine., , 4 - doctors of philosophy in biology ; 3 – assistants: 1 - DMSc;  7 - senior laboratory assitants,  9 – support staff.

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