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I Preventive medicine

First dean of Treatment-prevention faculty (I MPF) was prof.S.M.Karimov (1974), during the subsequent years the Faculty was under the management of prof.Sh.B.Guliyev (1975-1981), prof.T.G.Gadirova (1981-1983), prof.B.A.Bakhshiyev (1983-1988), profA.M.Afandiyev (1988-1989), prof H.A.Sultanov (1989-1992), prof F.I.Jafarov (1993-1995), prof.E.K.Gasimov (1995-1999), prof.S.J.Aliyev (1999-2001), associate professor N.A.Shikhmamadov (2001-2011)

From 2011 the faculty is under the Management of the professor A.Y.Qaziyev.

Presently 303 person of the professor-teacher personnel work in I Treatment-prevention faculty, one of the employees of the faculty is the member of NSA of Azerbaijan, Two person are the actual member of Russian AMS, 34 persons are the doctor of the medical sciences, 28 persons are the professors, 175 persons are PHD on medical sciences. 217 persons of teacher personnel have the scientific degree (71,5%). The employees of some departments have the scientific degrees (oncology, I surgical documents). 4 scientific candidates work at the departments of I and III surgical diseases, oncology and I internal diseases. 3 employees of the Faculty are doctors of medical sciences of the Faculty. 119 assistance persons provide their services for the successful carrying out of the educational process. According to the information in 2011/2012 academic year 1645 students study at the faculty. 1412 students study in Azeri sector, 180 students study in Russian sector. 53 students are the citizens of the foreign countries (Russian, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and so on) and they study in English sector.

During last 10 years 2768 scientific works of the employees of the faculty were published, 467 of them are the handbooks, handbook supplements and other education-methodic works, 1173 are the article of the magazines, 1128 are the thesis, 605 works are published in the scientific summaries of the foreign countries and in conference materials.

15 departments and I clinical course are included to I Treatment-prevention faculty


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